FashionCamp is a two day annual BarCamp, bringing together the fashion mainstream with experimental new technologies, fashion bloggers, young designers, those involved in ethical fashion and cutting-edge creative professionals, projecting new ideas into the future.

FashionCamp promotes a new vision of fashion, open and shared, highly technology- based and strongly democratic.

The Milan FashionCamp is the most important event in the fashion industry, where participants and speakers get together to discuss the state of the art of fashion today, as well as new developments and future trends.

During the last FashionCamp more than 60 un-conferences, 10 workshops organized by enlightened craftspeople and a conference about Digital Influence paved the way to the onset of a new fashion era. More than 4.000 participants listened and spoke at Cattedrale di Fabbrica del Vapore and more than 10 000 people share on facebook the event. Hundreds of pictures were collected in the Pinterest boards. The BarCamp also featured a continuously updated web site and a virtual forum to talk about fashion and new technologies.

Fashion professionals, designers, innovators, bloggers, prominent brands, fashion lovers and small ethical companies were able to meet and share their ideas, and were offered an opportunity to teach new skills and discuss the future of fashion, across different realities.

We would love to tell you all about the future of fashion, so if you want to be part of it, please join us at the next Fashion Camp!

The next FashionCamp will be held in Milano in 12-13 June 2015.

Attendance will be free of charge.

The theme of FashionCamp 2015 -Expo Edition- will be Food&Fashion.

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Attendance will be free of charge!




Day 1
12 Jun 2015
Day 2
13 Jun 2015


Day 1
12 Jun 2015
Day 2
13 Jun 2015
Valentina Grispo

Show cooking

Sara Seravalle

Health: Chef Touch

Vegan cuisine

Laura Lonighi


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