FashionCamp is a two day annual BarCamp, bringing together the fashion mainstream with experimental new technologies, fashion bloggers, young designers, those involved in ethical fashion and cutting-edge creative professionals, projecting new ideas into the future.

FashionCamp promotes a new vision of fashion, open and shared, highly technology- based and strongly democratic.

The Milan FashionCamp is the most important event in the fashion industry, where participants and speakers get together to discuss the state of the art of fashion today, as well as new developments and future trends.

During the last FashionCamp more than 60 un-conferences, 10 workshops organized by enlightened craftspeople and a conference about Digital Influence paved the way to the onset of a new fashion era. More than 4.000 participants listened and spoke at Cattedrale di Fabbrica del Vapore and more than 10 000 people share on facebook the event. Hundreds of pictures were collected in the Pinterest boards. The BarCamp also featured a continuously updated web site and a virtual forum to talk about fashion and new technologies.

Fashion professionals, designers, innovators, bloggers, prominent brands, fashion lovers and small ethical companies were able to meet and share their ideas, and were offered an opportunity to teach new skills and discuss the future of fashion, across different realities.

We would love to tell you all about the future of fashion, so if you want to be part of it, please join us at the next Fashion Camp!

The next FashionCamp will be held in Milan in 16-17 September 2016.

Attendance will be free of charge.

The theme of FashionCamp 2016 will be Sustainability.

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Attendance will be free of charge!


Elena Schiavon

Blogger, fashion digital communication consultant

Stefano Saladino

General Manager / Marketing and communication responsible at Dada Arrigoni Jewelry

Maria Vicini

Community Manager Depop

Erica Chiesi

Web Editor and Social Media Manager Freelance. Blogger at Cara Blogger

Lidia Schillaci


Anna Giordano

Lifestyle, beauty and fashion digital content manager

Elena Tee

Video blogger



Laura Ferrari

Event planner and PR consultant

Camilla Ronzullo

Blogger at 'Zelda was a writer'

Sandra Longinotti

Freelance journalist, food stylist and blogger

Chiara Simonini

Blogger, Owner at Enjoy Coffee and More

Francesca Zurlo

Journalist and Creator of Milano Vintage Week

Isabella Fava

Current events Department head at Donna Moderna

Alessia de Luca

Content Manager

Annarita Briganti


Paolo Armelli


Marco Nicolini Profumo

Store Manager and buyer at BIVIO Milano

may mOma


Margo Schachter

Food&lifestyle Editor, Editorial Strategist

Mariacristina Coppeto

Journalist, Blogger and Web editor

Diego Rossi

Chef and Entrepreneur

Laura Cuccato

Cuisine experimenter

Alessandra Chiara Guffanti

Sales Director & Owner at Guffanti Concept ShowRoom, National President Gruppo Giovani @ Sistema Moda Italia, SMI (Confindustria), VP Internal and Internationalization AssolombardaConsiglio Direttivo Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria

Francesco Francio Ferrari

Co-Founder at ILFLOOR srl (L’F Shoes, Licia Florio,

Federica Visconti

Responsible and Creator of Silovoglio Events, an agency that creates event formats

Paolo Cellammare

Director, Author and Producer. Creator of Cotto & Frullato

Rosalba Piccinni


Federica Beneventi

Communication & PR Manager vente-privee

Clara Nanut

CEO & Founder, Beauty Reporter, Trade Marketing & Digital Intern Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Ilaria Comandulli

Designer Founder of the Brand Izumi

Fiamma sanò

Journalist and blogger

Luana Garone


Piero Tagliapietra

Digital Strategist

Alessandra Boscaini

Direttore Vendite Masi Agricola S.p.a.

Anna da Re

Digital PR

Angela Frenda

Food editor at Corriere della sera and author of “Racconti di cucina”

Alberto Muritano

Engineer and Digital Entrepreneur. Expert in Mobile projects. Founder & CEO at Posytron and Movibell.

Marco Parizzi

Chef and Restaurateur at the 1 Star Michelin Ristorante Parizzi, in Parma

Gabriele Stringa

Editor in Chief at BoBos, Web editor at Grazia Casa, Co-founder at Winezon and Professor at Accademia del Lusso

Antonella Sacchitelli

Co.Founder, Creative Director and Sales Manager di LA.TE

Fabrizio Castellazzo

Designer and Founder at Altriluoghi, a brand that combine fashion with food in BIO sauce

Elena Muserra De Luca

PR online and offline, media planning strategist

Gabriele Castellanza

Sous-Chef at 'Unico' restaurant in Milan and Chef at 'Montà' restaurant in Alba

Valentina Piccini

Social media strategist (fashion and arts), founder of Mamme a Spillo, the fashionable mommy blog

Justine Romano

I write about women and maternity in a funny funky way. Blogger, dreamer, living my life not taking it too seriously

Elena Zauli

Psychologist and Blogger

Federica Piccinini

Blogger and entrepreneur

Stefano Guerrini

Fashion writer, stylist freelance and fashion professor

Paola Tamborini

Garden Writer and Founder at the blog Mangialafoglia

Daniele Usai

Chef at the Restaurant “Il Tino” di Ostia, 1 Michelin Star

Gianluca Fusto

Pastry Chef, Chocolate Manufacturer, Errant Alchemist, Modern Haute Patisserie Consultant and Educator

Andrea Bano

Project Manager at Veneziani – Jvm srl

Sonia Grispo

Blogger, storyteller and co-founder at Spray Magazine

Chiara Formenti

Project Manager at oTToCollective and Marketing Consultant

Alessandro Lombardo

Food Management Coordinator at The Digital Brand Architects Italia.

Nicola Papa

Co-CEO and co-founder at Sartoria Vanni

Monica Papagna

Blogger and photographer

Elisa D’Ospina

Contributor at Il Fatto Quotidiano and curvy Model

Margherita Zama

Marketing Manager at Augure Italia

Mafe de Baggis

(digital) media strategist

Barbara Bertoli

Pharmacist cosmetologist and beauty writer

Federico Pagliai

R&D Responsible at Monobi

Luigi Centenaro

Personal Branding Strategist

Laura Lonighi

Blog Designer freelance

Laura Renieri


Domitilla Ferrari

Digital Strategist

Simona Melani

Blogger and Digital Strategist

Sara Seravalle

Visual Facilitator

Alice Agnelli

CEO and Founder at A Gipsy in the kitchen

Anna Turcato

Image consultant, Style strategist, personal shopper, cool hunter.

Arianna Chieli

Digital Strategist and Blogger

Jolanda Restano

Chemist, blogger and entrepreneur, founder in 2000 of, a web site that has grown to be a landmark for families, kids and teachers. In 2009 she founds FattoreMamma, the first Italian communication agency focused on target “moms”.

Francesca Parviero

Official LinkedIn EMEA Talent Partner - Digital HR Strategist

Valentina Grispo

Journalist, Blogger and Co-founder at Spray Magazine

Raffaella Amoroso

Digital PR, digital specialist, blogger

Paola Sucato

Consultant, blogger and freelancer


Day 1
10 Jun 2016
Day 2
11 Jun 2016

Happy hour in pink

Anna Turcato


Isabella Fava
Alessia de Luca
Annarita Briganti
Paolo Armelli
Federico Bona
Anna da Re



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