Bentornato FashionCamp

Torna FashionCamp con un'edizione dedicata a Food&Fashion. A Milano il 12 e 13 giugno 2015.

Welcome back FashionCamp


we’re back and we can’t wait to share with you all news by FashionCamp next edition.

Let’s start from the dates, 12th and 13th of June. We’ll be in Milan, in a special location that will be revealed in a few time.

According to Expo 2015, Food&Fashion will be the theme of this FashionCamp. What will we talk about? Food, obviously. But also about fashion, beauty, personal branding, blogging and a lot of other interesting things.

And we will do it with internet key players and with the best experts in the field.

Piece of news for you: instead of speechs we’ve decided to open discussions. For this reason we’ll host various round tables dedicated to a specific topic.

There will be workshops, that we love so much. As usual we will open subscribtions up ahead, when the program will be almost complete. The program, right. The one that you can see online it’s the initial schedule (don’t worry things already written are confirmed), but it will be enriched in the coming weeks.

As always FashionCamp it’s a networking event. Let’s come if you’d like to listen and also to know new people or meet old friends. One thing leads to another, you know.

FashionCamp is totally free of charge. But we kindly ask you to sign you up to EventBrite. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, if you want to stay updated.

We will write few things, promised.

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