Introduce yourself
Hey guys, My name is Lottie, I’m 16 and I live in Essex, England and I’m very honured by the fact I’m included in this!

What’s about your blog?
My blog is It was started sometime in August way back in 2008 when I was 14. I first found out about the fashion blogging world through discovering vintage blogs such as liebemarlene, and really wanted my own! It’s been brilliant, I now have a much broader knowledge of fashion than what I have had before and have definately made my style a bit less Essex and a bit more (what I hope!) Avant Garde. I have also got to know some fantastic bloggers and the freebies are also an extra gift!

What do you think is the relationship between fashion and technology?
Like most industries nowadays, fashion relies heavily on technology. The amount of things machines can do have really brought down the cost of clothing and it has therefore practically invented ‘the high street’- something we’re incredibly thankful for in Britain! Without technology, fashion photography and magazines would not be to the high level of standard which they are now! However, I did watch a documentary on Valentino and in his couture house the seamstresses have never touched the sewing machine, which I think proves that real fashion can continue to exist without it!

How do you see the future of fashion?
Well, I’m currently challenging myself to make all my own clothing. The price for mass produced stuff is soaring way too much and I can’t afford it! I’d rather make something one of a kind, and maybe people will do the same. The reason people stopped making clothes is because itwas cheaper to buy them, but now things are turning around and maybe we’ll all be wearing ourselves? Oh, and bloggers are going to take over the world of course.